First of all let's begin this blog with a big Happy 60th Birthday to Ellen!

 I was honored to participate in the audience at her two day Birthday extravaganza. The Audience was full of amazing people who have all done unbelievable acts of good.  This show was sponsered by Cheerios One Million Acts of Good.  And Feel Good Undies was there!  To be honest I still can't believe it.  Every person in the audience was truly special on every level.  It made us at Feel Good Undies know what we are doing to help the homeless was right and good.  Selling underwear is not always easy, but when you know your making a difference in someones life.  It is well worth it!  

So, here is my day at The Ellen Show.  When arriving you are greated with the most energetic aundience producers on the planet earth.  Wow!  Ellen knows how to surround herself with great people! They have to orcherstrate paper work and organize audience members into numberical numbers.  I most share with you I had the pleasure of being interviewed via Skype prior to the show and was so excited the producer made a point to let me know how thrilled they were to see me there!  And to make sure Ellen and Portia will receive our Feel Good Undies!

 Next we are escorted across the street to the studio.  I have never seen so many happy faces. And at this point I couldn't stop smiling as I entered the Riff Raff Room.  For those of you who do not know what the Riff Raff Room is.  It is the waiting area where the audience enters the studio.  It is filled from wall to wall with Ellen Merchandise.  Everything from appearal to water bottles and of course Undies!  I thought I had died and went to heaven.  But wait it gets even better.  As we are entering Ellen's studio stage the most amazing thing happen to me.  On my last day of Radiation on the car ride to my Oncologist there was a song on the radio which perfectly summed up this major milestone in my life.  The song was "This is Going to Be the Best Day of my Life" by American Authors.  O.K. I'm just saying, "I Lost It!" As I walked up the blind stairwell, which leads to the top row of the studio that songs was playing over the speakers.  I'm tearing up now just thinking about it.  Thank God I was surrounded by a room full of angeles who helped me pull it together.  At this point I think I had an outerbody experience and started dancing with moves I didn't know I had. All I could think about was, Wow I've come a long way from laying on the couch to here at the Ellen Show.

Now the audience organizers place me in a seat in the eisle for a certain high five from Ellen.  The music is blairing with energy like I have never heard before.  And at this point I put on my dancing shoes, which did not stop moving until the end of the second taping.  Before I had a chance to realize Twitch is over my left shoulder dancing like no other!  Well, I know what your thinking.  Did she dance with Twitch?  Well, let's just say we had a moment.  I danced with this talented man who happens to have the most beautiful smile and personalities.  And I think I made my boys proud with the moves this lady still has.  

Ellen makes her appearance!  The audience erupts into cheers and the energy level of the room went through the roof.  She is even more adorable in person than she is on TV if that's possible.  The show was a star studded event which took two tapings. The first surprize appearance was Sophia Vergara who is gorgous and really funny.  What a nice combination.  Next Michelle Obama comes from behind the stage with the grace of a former first lady.  She is posed, real and funny!  She has such a gift of expressing the state of our nation with understanding.  Up next, Jimmy Kimmel in a badazzed figure skating outfit made with white feathers and other things not to mention!  As Jimmy leaves the stage I hear over my left shoulder a shout out from Jamie Foxx who shows up with a bottle of Champagne for a birthday toast.  He had a bit of a struggle opening up the bottle which was hysterical.  Who's next and where are they going to show up on stage.  Chance the Rapper shows up with the most beautiful flowers.  He is really a sweet and kind person.  His mom must be so proud of the person he has become and how he help so many others.  The last guest of the show is Portia, Ellen's beautful wife. Who surprizes her by building The Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund in Rwanda. This is very close to Ellen's heart and she was overwhelmed with tears.  And that is how they ended the first hour of the show.

Before you know it we begin the second hour of the show.  What a fun and  unbelievable ride the first hour was.  I just couldn't imagine how they could top it, but they did. The cute and funny Jennifer Aniston arrived with a silly birthday present.  And soon to follow was Kevin Hart who is absolutley hilarious!  I almost fell out of my seat with laughter.  Throughout the show Twitch has been pointing out to Ellen a huge suprise in this gigantic gift box which is topped with a blue bow the size of Texas. And this box is supended above the audience for the entire show.  Out pops Channing Tatum from inside the box and does a Magic Mike dance which sends Ellen and the audience into a frinzy.  Oh boy, there was a lady who jumped in the eisle who was trying to bring sexy back big time. What a blast to watch!  Meanwhile, I can't help but to picture Tatum in the most comfortable underwear Feel Good Undies.  I think our boxer briefs would do him justice.

Ellen asks for the audience to see if they have a Cheerios box underneath their seats.  Well, we all did and held them high in the air as Ellen made a announcement. She starts the announcement by saying, "There's no better way for me to celebrate my birthday than to share it with people like you."  She proceeds to out do Oprah by giving the entire audience $1,000,000 to share and do whatever we choose to do with it!  Leave it to Ellen the most giving person to share with us on her special day such a generous gift. 

With the help of Ellen and you Feel Good Undies has decided to take that money and buy more underwear for homeless shelters in America.  If we all buy one pair on Feel Good Undies imagine the change we could make in someones life.  It's simply giving back.

Ellen ends the show with her birthday wish to the audience by saying," I wish for all of you to be kind to one another. I say that every single day, but I think we need that now more that ever." Well said Ellen! 

I walk away from this experience with more drive and hope to make a differece in peoples lives for the better!  Please join me and Feel Good...Do Good!