Delivery day at Union Rescue Mission Los Angeles


Another delivery completed with your help!  It truly feels good to end the year with a delivery of over 1,000 pairs of needed undies.  Besides the ear to ear smiles I receive when arriving at the Union Rescue Mission Los Angeles, the overwhelming appreciation is abundant! I look so forward to the next delivery. I love that feel good feeling!


What really made this delivery special was that my son was able to accompany me to Skid Row and help me with our donation.  He has lived in the Los Angles area throughout his college career and had never been to Skid Row.  I must say it was an eye-opening experience for him.  You see, he was well aware of the homelessness problem in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this is an issue you can not miss. Homeless tent cities are ever growing due to the hidden high rents that have been created lately.  From 2010 to 2018 median rental prices for a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles increased 84%. To actually walk down Skid Row and experience the unbelievable dilemma of homelessness is something that will always stay with us. I feel that children, women, and families on the streets of Los Angles are something no one should have to experience in their lives!  Not to mention the over 9,000 homeless living in their cars. This was a very proud parent moment with my son, which goes much deeper than a donation.  


Who will be our next delivery?  On a daily bases, our queue grows of Shelters across America. Feel Good Undies has been asked for donations from New York to L.A.  Homelessness comes in all shapes, all sizes, all races, and sex!  Our mission is quality and charity!  And to do that we need your help of simply giving back!   


So please Feel Good…Do Good with us!