Here To Help The Homeless

This is my story.  I am a Cancer Survivor who has spent my time volunteering in local homeless shelters.  I now, I can say "Hello Remission".  I am extremely lucky but not everyone is.  So through my time volunteering I came across this need that has not been addressed until now.  Let's be honest, who wants to donate their underwear?  Being without underwear as a homeless person, isn't pretty especially after finding a clean place to shower and shave.  This is an item most of us take for granted, however for the homeless there is an endless need for underwear donations to shelters from coast to coast.  We at Feel Good Undies are here to change that!  Purchase our underwear and we will donate a pair to a featured shelter.  If you asked people what they do with their old clothes, they’ll probably say they donate them.  But what about underwear?  With underwear I know that is not the case.  So a homeless person going to a clothes distribution center might get shirts, sweaters and other clothing items, but not undies.  Our goal is to eventually donate underwear to every shelter across our nation.  It's simple!

Check out our and help give someone a little dignity one a pair at a time.

Feel Good...Do Good