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Coachella Valley Rescue Mission


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At Feel Good Undies we love to give back. And we are here to make that simple with your help. We are proud to announce our first featured Shelter will be The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission located in Indio, California. Over the years the mission has continued to meet the ever growing needs of individuals, who for a variety of reasons, have found themselves without the basic necessities of life. A dedicated staff and volunteers serve more than 175,000 hot meals annually and provide shelter to thousands of men and women with children. Food, clothing, and showers are also provided for those who do not shelter with them. CVRM helps regain self-sufficiency within their community, which is one of the many reasons we choose them. The Mission offers or directs individuals to an array of local programs including job training, counseling and various classes.

About Coachella Valley Rescue Mission







“CVRM continues to be a safe haven, a cool place to come, be fed, sheltered and cared for.  We also have outreach teams that go out to homeless camps, bringing, food, water and personal items to those in need. Many people come to CVRM for our programs through this vital outreach.” 

Darla Burkett, Executive Director


- Families make up the fastest growing segment of the homeless population
- There are as many as 500,000 families in shelters nationwide and 1.35 million homeless children each year 
- Over half of homeless families have been homeless for 6 months or more
- Los Angeles 23% of residents are homeless
- New York 39% of residents are homeless


Now as a way of giving back to this community, Feel Good Undies plans to give away a pair of underwear to The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission for every online purchase you make. We want to make donating a win win for everyone, because giving back should make you smile and simply feel good. Quality and charity is always our priority.


Why do we want to do this?
If you called any shelter in the United States today and asked “which donated item do you need most?” I guarantee the answer you will hear over and over again is “UNDERWEAR”. It is the most needed and least donated item. With the increase of natural disasters, like the floods in Houston, hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and wild fires in Northern California, it creates an additional increase of displaced people within our country. Shelters are inundated with all types of donations but not underwear. Let’s face it Homelessness is not pretty and no matter if you are suddenly displaced through disaster, economic or mental issues everyone should have dignity in their lives. It can take time for theses people to get back on their feet. That is why we want to help!


Our goal is to giveaway new undies to every shelter across the nation. With your help Feel Good Undies can deliver truck loads of well needed new undies to the homeless.


Why do I smile?
As a Cancer Survivor I want to help make a positive change in the lives of these people. I am very lucky not to have encountered or experienced any of these challenges in my life, but it is not always the case for others. So, share your smile with friends and help us make a difference!

Feel Good … Do Good